Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Gaby’s Balloons LLC

Payment and Refunds

As events book, we adjust our availability, sometimes turning down events when we do not have crew or capacity to get to everyone. We also order our materials in advance to create your decor. Due to the pandemic, there has been a balloon shortage and getting balloons has never been more difficult. For these reasons, balloon decor is non-refundable. If you need to cancel your event in case of an emergency, we will issue you a credit for the entire amount to be used in the next 6 months, but the order total must be at least the same amount as the cancelled event. Full Payment must be received by the day before your event for balloon decorations. Cancellations due to weather are not refundable and must be paid in full. If your event is outdoors in the summer, we recommend the set-up is in a shaded area to prevent balloons from popping before your event.


Client or person of contact must be at the venue during the delivery window. We often work under strict time constraints between deliveries, so if we are not able to set up your
decorations at the allotted time due to a) incorrect address, b) no one available to show the location, c) imprecise instructions, or d) an unsafe environment we may have to charge an additional delivery fee or leave the balloon decor undelivered, in which case no refund will be given.

Pick-up and Balloon Strike/Cleanup

We come back the next day to pick up any bases used for balloon decorations, props, or backdrops unless same day pick-up has been requested and fee is paid or if customer has been told frames can be discarded, we do not go back. We offer balloon strike for your event, but it must be scheduled in advance for a fee (fee determined on decoration size). If balloon strike is not requested, balloons must be off any backdrop, balloon base, or item that is going to be picked up by the time one of our team members comes to pick -up. You may keep the balloons but not the frames that the balloons go on or dispose of them in a regular trash- bin.

The Nature of Balloons

Balloons are an impermanent medium. While we use the best quality balloons and materials and make sure everything looks amazing at set-up, we cannot guarantee their performance after we have left. Unfortunately, we do not control the weather and cannot make any predictions if the weather is suitable for you balloon decorations. Any balloon decorations that are outside are subject to popping. The main enemies of balloons are heat, direct sunlight, high winds, and sharp objects. We can offer suggestions on balloon placement to mitigate these factors, but the ultimate responsibility rests with the client. We are masters of rigging balloon garlands and largescale installations. We may use monofilament tied to existing structures, magnets, command hooks or tape to secure our balloon garlands. All garlands require something solid to attach to OR one of our backdrops. It is extremely difficult to attach to brick or porous stone or stucco walls. If it is impossible or impractical to rig in a certain location, we will let you know why and help you find an alternate location for your decor. Standard Helium balloons float for up to 8 hours and can be treated with a special chemical to last longer but you
must let us know so that we can charge you the correct amount.


If your company or venue requires a Certificate of insurance, the standard COI is no charge or $75 if your organization needs to be named as an additional insured. (For each additional insured)

New policies effective January 1 st 2022

Invoices and deposits:

All orders will need a 50% non-refundable deposit to book, if the event is less than a week away FULL PAYMENT will be needed to confirm the order. If you or the client will need a copy of the invoice for tax purposes, we need to know at the time of booking!

On-site Balloon Decorations

We carry enough balloons to make our decorations and bring more than enough balloons so that we can be complete your decorations. If you ask us if we have extra, we almost always do but that does not mean we can just give away our labor for free. Any extra decoration that the client would like will be charged and needs to be paid through one of our payment methods before we leave, and we will only be able make it if time allows.

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